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As legal guardian of_____________________________________ , I hereby consent to the aforementioned person participating in the KILLEEN WOLVES Basketball Club programs, tryouts, practices, and/or games. I recognize that potentially severe injuries may occur in any activity that is associated with basketball. I understand that it is the express intent of the KILLEEN WOLVES Basketball Club to provide for the safety and protection of my child and, in consideration for allowing my child to play for the KILLEEN WOLVES Basketball Club, I hereby forever release KILLEEN WOLVES Basketball Club, its managers, coaches, assistant coaches, volunteers, and any other associated staff, Hines D1 Elite, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), Fort Hood Chapel, Killeen Community Center, Killeen Parks and Recreation, Killeen I.S.D., Memorial Christian Academy, and/or any facility used by HINES D1 ELITE & KILLEEN WOLVES Basketball Club, its officers, employees, coaches and owners from all liability for any and all damages and injuries suffered by my child while under the instruction, supervision, or control of any of the above so mentioned. As legal guardian of the aforementioned person, I hereby agree to individually provide for any medical expenses which may be incurred by my child as a result of any injury sustained while practicing, training, and/or competing at any facility used by the HINES D1 ELITE & KILLEEN WOLVES Basketball Club, its officers, employees, coaches and owners. In case of emergency, I authorize the KILLEEN WOLVES Basketball Club staff to administer first aid to my child and/or take my child to the closest physician or hospital for further treatment. This acknowledgment of risk and waiver of liability, having been read thoroughly and understood completely, is signed voluntarily as to its content and intent.

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