Uniform Rental Agreement
Printable Form Here
The uniforms you are issued are the property of the Killeen Wolves Basketball Club. Each basketball player issued a uniform is responsible for properly handling and caring for it throughout the duration of the rental period. All basketball players must abide by the following terms and conditions while renting a Killeen Wolves uniform set:
  1. You are responsible for any stains, tears, or other damages to the uniform while in your care.
  2. You are to keep the uniform clean and in its issued condition. Follow the washing instructions you have been provided with. Do NOT dry clean your uniform!
  3. Uniforms are to be worn for designated Club basketball games/events only.
  4. Do NOT alter any part of your uniform in any way.
  5. Any uniform not returned by the due date and in the condition in which it was issued will be subject to a replacement fee of $150 per set (home and/or away).
I have read and understand the above terms and conditions for renting a Killeen Wolves basketball uniform, and I agree to abide by this Uniform Rental Agreement. I understand that if I violate these terms, I am financially responsible for any damages or loss caused up to $150 per set issued.

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